I Won’t Be Strong Sometimes

Don’t tell me to be a strong black woman because sometimes I won’t be.

Don’t tell me who I am suppose to be because I might just surprise you.

Don’t tell me not to cry because I paid my dues.

Don’t tell me it will be okay because somedays it won’t be.

I won’t be strong sometimes.

I am a survivor of heartache.

I am a survivor of pain.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse.

I am a survivor of betrayal.

I am a survivor of loneliness.

I am a survivor of depression.

I am a survivor of anxiety.

So if you see me crumble sometimes, let me be.

Just know that when I get back up, I will be stronger than before.

If I look angry I have a right to be.

Just know that my heart is pure as gold.

If I cry know that I did not give up, I’m just giving my heart a break.

No one should have to be strong all the time.

There will be times when you need someone to be strong for you.

You can’t carry that weight all the time.

So, I let God carry mine.

If I break he will pick up my pieces.

He is strong for me when I can’t be strong for myself.

I am favored so I have a right to break because I have someone to pick up my pieces.

So if I am weak sometimes, just know that’s not me.

I am a strong woman.

But I have a right not to be sometimes.

I am only a queen.


  1. OMG RAYE!! im soo sorry to hear these things happened to you. I Love you friend if you ever need an ear im here to listen & support. —MZMO

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