The Real Reason Why Ladies Only Want Guy Friends

We all know that one girl that we can not stand.

The girl that sleeps with everyone’s man. The girl who is super loud in the morning for no reason. The girl who thinks she’s “all that” because she is Instagram famous when we all know she bought her followers. Or the girl that is always mad for no reason.

Well you know what, that girl is not the problem. Yes, I said it she is not the problem and here is why.

In society women are taught to hate one another from the times they are born. We are taught to compete with one another to be the best.

I use to be that girl who hated other girls because, I believed that other girls were the problem. A few days ago I came to the conclusion that I am a part of the problem. For me to hate another woman because of her faults would make me a hypocrite. We all have been that girl that we hate at one point in our  lives.

Someone once told me that we hate people because, we see something in them that we hate about ourselves. We complain that we can’t stand it when girls are shady then, brag when we throw shade as if we have that right. Everyone has looked at someone at-least one time in their life and mentally judged something about them. Shade has no gender, anyone can do that.

We have to change our minds and learn to love one another despite our flaws. We all have flaws and when we hate someone, we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves why. Even though we are taught to compete with one another we can reverse that. Stop giving in to the ways of society and be yourself.

There is only one you. When you are yourself, you don’t have time to put other woman down because, you are in your own lane. When you stay in you own lane you understand your value and encourage other woman because you understand that they are not a threat.

Thank YOU

Today I wanted to acknowledge anyone who has ever read or supported my blog.

I started my blog four years ago and I am happy to see how much it has grown over the years. Thank you all for your feedback and allowing me to be a voice for those who have struggled with the same issues I have faced. Dealing with issues from anxiety, depression, heartbreak and broken friendships, I was able to share my experiences with you and share how I got through it.

When I first created this blog it was called Words of the Unspoken which was designed to help me find my voice during a time when I was going through a lot. With Mocha Mag I plan to grow as a writer and reach more people.

Today, I discovered that I have reached 1000 followers and I had to let you all know that I couldn’t do it without you. In the future I plan to put out more content, time and energy into the success of this blog.I hope all of you are having an amazing day and look out for more content coming soon. If you every have any topic or experience you would like me to share in this blog don’t hesitate to ask.

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Making It through the Darkest Hour

The darkest hour has a way of exposing your pain.

The darkest hour knows how to make you look him in his face. The darkest hour separates the weak from the strong because he will either make you strong or tear you apart.

I made it past the darkest hour because I’m here today and so did you. But the funny thing about the darkest hour is that when you think you’ve met him sometimes he come back stronger and with a vengeance.

When you meet him again you have to be strong. We often find ourselves caving our pain inside and taking on the world with an artificial confidence. In order to be prepared for the darkest hour we have to let go of the pain from the past because healing builds strength. When you are able to walk away from a closed door with closure then you will be equipped to face whatever is in store in the next door.

When you have a better outlook on life it’s easier to get past challenges because you know that pain comes and go. With wisdom you can approach any obstacle with a warrior mentality. The warrior mentality is the mentality that you can conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

When the darkest hour comes know that an hour is only a spec in time and you can get through it.

10 Things I Learned From Moesha

If you haven’t seen the show Moesha than you don’t know what your missing. If you know me, you know my obsession with the 90s sitcom Moesha. Moesha is a sitcom that shows the phases of a young African American woman growing up with her family and friends in Crenshaw. Throughout the show she faces relationship issue, family issue, friendship issues, and social issues.

I always considered her character my alter ego. Moesha is like me unfiltered and I admire her confidence and bubbly personality. Like myself she is an aspiring journalist and a hard working young woman. Although she has some faults there are a few things that I learned from the character Moesha:

  1. The importance of family: Throughout each season, Moesha faces many internal an external issues with her family. She struggles to stay connected with them at a time when she is developing and branching out into the world. Despite the mistakes that she makes, she is always reminded that they are always there to pick her up.
  2. The power of a woman: Moesha challenges the stereotypes of a modern day woman. She faces a conflict where she is told what she cant’ do because she is a woman and she fights it. She avoid sexist positions and isn’t afraid to do whatever she puts her mind to.
  3. Living without regret: Moesha isn’t afraid to take chances. Although this leads to a lot of bad decisions, Moesha learns a lot from them. She also makes many good decisions and experiences many amazing opportunities.
  4. Change can be hard but good: After the death of Moesha’s biological mother and the coming of her stepmother, Moesha battles allowing her stepmother in. Although her stepmother seem like a mother to dream for, Moesha struggles to let go of the death of her mother. Moesha soon learns that her stepmother is on her side and lets her into her life.
  5. Moving Forward: One of the biggest conflicts that Moesha struggles with is her love for “Q”. She deals with her fathers disapproval of him, his disloyalty, and her swaying feelings for him. Despite there dreamy love for each other, she comes to terms with the reality that it is time to move on.
  6. Words are powerful: Moesha taught me that words have the power to bring someone up or break them down. Moesha’s friend Hakeem faces this battle when it is time to apply for college. He was discouraged from going to college with the rest of his friends because of his financially situation but Moesha encourages him to aim high.
  7. Keep living: Even when we think we know it all we still have a lot more to learn. When Moesha reached college she began to experience a glimpse of adulthood. Her adulthood was put to the test and she discovers that adulthood isn’t as simple as she thinks.
  8. Let go of baggage: Anything that is holding you back, you must let go. When you are looking at your future, you can’t look back. Removing distractions that act as road blocks are essential.
  9. Your heart can’t deny what’s real: When Moesha and Hakeem finally gave love a go it was like fireworks. It was so real that they never saw it coming. Despite Moesha’s previous relationships, her connection with Hakeem seemed meant to be. All that time she searched for love, she never realized that it was there all along.
  10. The importance of following your dreams: Through out the seasons of the show, Moesha has taught me how to follow my dreams. As a fellow aspiring journalism, she is determined to succeed. She uses many historical African American women as her inspiration and takes advantage of any opportunity.

Whenever I am at a place where life seems taught, this show always picks me up. It reminds me of my potential and inspires me to work a little harder. If you haven’t seen this show then you do not know what your missing. These are the ten things that I learned from Moesha.