4 Reasons Why I Hate Going To The Club

If only I had known that I would have ended up laid out on the ground with blood dripping down my leg I would have stayed my behind home.

As I lay on the moist concrete in from of the club for everyone to see my entire life flashed before me.

No just kidding.

I was too drunk to even feel it.

One drink turned into two, two drinks turned into three and next thing you know, I end up here on the ground for the whole club to see.

As lit as my weekend was it made me realize why, I hate clubs so much. The last time that I’ve been to a club was back in college and I never cared for them. I always told myself that I don’t belong here.

I would find myself waking up every morning vaguely remembering what happened the night before.

As I laid in my bed reflecting on the wild weekend I had on a beautiful Sunday morning, I came to the conclusion that the club life is not for me. I’ve been going through a phase lately where I’ve been doing a little soul searching and came to the conclusion that I need to live a little more. I’ve been dating a few losers, hanging out and working a nine to five. You know the “American Dream” and all.

Lately I’ve been yearning for something different. So what do you do when you need a change?

You do something that you normally don’t. So I decided to go to the club and now I am here telling you why I probably won’t be going back anytime soon.

The first reason why I hate the club is because:

I have to get tipsy just to be around you because I barely want to be around you sober

Being the shy person that I can be sometimes, being around a crowd of strangers is not a walk in the park for me. It is one of the most intense things for me to do and takes a lot of energy out of me mentally. Knowing this I usually avoid going to crowded settings like concerts, clubs and etc.

This time, I told myself that I am going to challenge myself to do it and love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love yacht parties and rooftops because they are usually calmer to me but, I always had something against clubs specifically.giphy

When you are sober in the club, you are fully aware of the foolishness around you that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to if you were drunk.

When I drink I have tunnel vision so it becomes easier for me to focus on the fantasy that I want to create.

Think about it, why do you think so many rappers talk about the people that they hook up with that they normally wouldn’t hook up with if they were sober. In your mind you are seeing what you want to see and are creating your own reality.

When I was sober I noticed the shady stares from other women and not so attractive guys who tried to flex like they was cool like that. When you are sober you notice these things.

But when I was a little tipsy, it became a big game to me. I stopped caring who looked at me and thought it would be fun to give them a reason to look. I flirted back with a few guys knowing that they would never have a chance of getting my number and I let them buy me a drink because I can.

Just because I look good that doesn’t mean that I am trying to compete with you

This leaded me to one of my biggest pet peeves in the club. If no one has ever told you this before, then I will.

“Pretty girls are always the most insecure.” 

Yes, I said it and I will say it a million times more to make my point. I am sick of beautiful women looking at me up and down bringing that funny energy around me.200wYDG82DJN

Ladies you are beautiful so who so ever this applies to, stop looking at other beautiful women up and down. Other women know what time it is. We are all beautiful in our own right so stop hating.

When I see other beautiful women I get excited because I love seeing other women be great and you should to. We have to uplift each other and let everyone be great.

I do not want your man so if you are that insecure with your relationship then keep your man at home

Ladies and gentleman please stop bringing your relationship problems in the club. If you don’t want your man looking at the next half-naked dressed woman who passes by, don’t come to the club. If you don’t want a room full of thirsty men looking at your woman then don’t come to the club.

“To come to the club in a relationship with your partner you have to fully trust your partner and have some thick skin.” 

When I was in this club my God sister and I noticed a women who appeared a little older than us giving us the nasty stare. She was holding on to her man for dear life and it was not only uncomfortable for her but, me too.giphyg

I couldn’t really blame her for being so territorial because her man was fine and I am pretty sure she knew this but what else did she expect. Women are going to look but that doesn’t mean we want him. I respect relationships so I would never be sweating a man that obviously has a woman but, a quick glance won’t hurt nobody.

This was a definite vibe killer because her energy was killing the vibe. I had to move somewhere else just to ignore her. Don’t be this woman.

You can’t be bougie and half naked looking for a tip from me. Embrace the struggle and be humble

This is dedicated to all my bottle girls and bar tenders. Ladies please, I beg you, humble yourself. I can’t tell you how many bottle girls and bartenders that I’ve met that were rude and stand offish.

Get it through your head that you are not that chick and the only reason why everyone is starring at you because you barely have clothes on.

In order for people to want to tip you, you have to actually be nice and approachable. I don’t tip most female waitress because to be straight up with you, a lot of them are rude. One bartender got an attitude with me because I ordered a drink and had to leave to get cash because they had a card minimum so you know what I did, I got my cash and went to another bartender.giphyf

People will like you better if you were actually down to earth and kind. If you don’t have the best people skills then find another hustle. I know I could never do that because I am too quiet and I don’t want everyone looking at my bare behind so I do my little 9-5 and keep it moving.

These are the four reasons why I hate going to the club and I will not be going back anytime soon. In honor of Memorial Day coming up everyone be safe and get you a drink or two if you are headed to the club because you may need it. I know I do.


  1. I relate to this so much! Every time I go to any type of club setting I immediately regret it lol. Great post.

  2. Ooooh…. I felt this from the bottom of my toes!! One of the benefits of now being part of the “grown and sexy” set, is that I can sit my ass in a booth and chill with my friends at a lounge! I get the good music, the drinks, and yummy food! LOL

  3. The post was intense and very honest. I don’t go to the club; however, I appreciate listening to a different reason for abstaining. I appreciate your collected and yet chaotic your description was. And, please tell me that you’re doing a post on the first paragraph soon?! That’s a story I need to hear.

  4. I definitely relate to this. I have never been a club person, but went because my friends liked going. I tried doing the sober thing at the club once and hated it! Hard to be around a bunch of annoying drunks when you’re sober. Haven’t been to the club in a while, and not looking forward to the next time I go.

  5. Would that I were your age and could have a chance to unmake the many mistakes I have made in my life. But never mind – better late than never. One lesson I learnt much too late in life was that if I needed alcohol or any other form of stimulant to get through an occasion then I should give it a miss. I gave up alcohol altogether some 20 years ago. I used to be wildly sociable when I was at university but deep down I did not enjoy it even then. These days night clubs, parties and crowds do not feature in my life. I realised what I needed – in my case it’s a quiet almost monastic existence. Living in an ivory tower.

    not for everyone of course but it is very sensible of you to be having these conversations with yourself to discover who and what you are.

    1. I can relate because I feel like I am at that point in life where people expect you to live your life a certain way in order to be considered a part of who you are suppose to be. People say you are in your 20s so you are suppose to be living wreck less and others say you are suppose to work endlessly to achieve whatever your desires are so sometimes I feel torn.

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