Renew Your Mind

I decided to switch things up a little bit. After watching a sermon about the power of emotions and the mind, I came to the conclusion that it was time to change my mind.

Your thoughts becomes what you feel and what you feel leads to how you act. I realized that the reason why I’ve been struggling a lot lately is because I’ve become ruled by emotions.

So, today I challenged myself to look at my situation differently and I had to get real with myself. Lately, I’ve been acting like a victim and I am far from that.

I decided to take responsibility for the role that I played in my problems. I get mad about people who talk about me, but I talk about others. I complained about struggling to pay my rent while I was in the club living it up a week ago.

After looking at my situation from another lens, I realized that I am far from a victim. I also came to the conclusion that beating myself up wouldn’t do me any good either so the best remedy to our mistakes are growth.

I decided to go a day without giving out nothing but positive energy. That means a day without having an attitude, ego, gossip and manipulation.

I knew this would be a challenge, but to my surprise I was successful. As soon as I started work I told myself that I wouldn’t participate in any ‘he say she say.’

Whenever someone asked me a question about someone, I was straight and to the point and if anything negative was said I kept my mouth shut.

When a coworker would stared at me, I minded my business and didn’t get a ego and try to challenge them. Most battles are pointless and if someone wants to put out negative energy, I don’t have to reciprocate that energy. I choose to let it go and pay it no mind.

When a customer had a bad attitude with me, I remained calm. When negative thoughts about her came, I shut it down and took value away from the situation. I chose not to take it personal and I remained calm. When she noticed that I wasn’t phased by it she eventually apologized and this made me feel so good.

I use to believe that you give people the same energy they give you, but all you do is give them power over you by doing this.

Today, I felt in control of my emotions because I decided to change my mind. Instead of dreading work I put in my mind that my job served a purpose and my job was to do nothing more that my job.

I’m not there to please people I am there to make money to pay my bill and everything else is only a distraction.

I was even tempted to gossip when a young customer came in and asked me a question about one of my coworkers. The customer felt that the lady was being rude to her and I knew my coworker had a history or being rude to others. As tempted as I was to add in my commentary I decided to stay silent and try to change the subject.

I felt so proud of myself because I could of easily fed into that negative energy but so decided to remain positive.

Overall today was a major success. I know I won’t be perfect but from this point on I am deciding to change.

I am going to treat people the way that I want to be treated and stop playing a victim. Every action doesn’t always require a reaction and I’ve learned that today.

By giving off positive energy I noticed that the people around me were forced to do the same because I refused to participate in any negativity.

When you change your mind you life will change. It won’t be easy but learn to challenge yourself. For every negative reaction that you make question it. To every complaint that you can thing of challenge it.

Before you run around blaming everyone for your problems ask yourself what have you done to contribute to your situation.

Renew your mind and watch your life change.

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