Road Blocks & Detours

Today I went down the wrong path and I nearly beat myself up about it. In life some things will be tempting, but we must understand that everything that shines our way is not a blessing.

In order to know the difference we must ask God for discernment to show us what is right and what is wrong. I struggled with this for a long time because, every time an opportunity came alone I thought it was a blessing from God.

I would go around telling my family and friends about it and get myself all worked up over something that wasn’t meant for me. Then, when I faced disappointment, I would walk in shame knowing that I made myself look foolish.

On your journey to success there will be times when you face road blocks and detours. Some roads would be blocked and in some cases others will be open for you to fall in a pit, but just know this is not the end for your journey.

Earlier today I fell a victim to temptation and after reflecting on my choices I learned from it. I was offered a job and I was convinced that this was a blessing from God. After missing a day of work I left the interview disappointed.

The hours weren’t enough and neither was the pay. I was so desperate to leave my current job that I was willing to put myself in a bigger ditch to escape the one I was in.

I was recently hired for a good job a month ago, but I got discouraged with the testing and paperwork that came with the process. I am still in the process, but I got scared and wanted to find something to fall back on.

Anything worth having will require work so be patient. Today I learned that. I wanted a quick fix and if I took the job that came easy today I would of found a quicker problem.

Even though I am not happy at my current job it has allowed me the flexibility that I need to get my paperwork done for my career job that requires hard work and time.

So to all of my brothers and sisters out there, trust God’s process and know that greater is around the corner.


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