Please Don’t Say You Love Me

This week has been a dark week for me and I am surprisingly excited and hurt at same time.

I am excited because the intense pressure only means that I am getting closer to my blessing.

I am hurt because I am a real person at the end of a day.

Overall, I came to the conclusion that I hate When people tell me, “I love you.”

People use those words so lightly and do not understand the power of those words. People nowadays don’t truly understand what those words mean and it makes me sick because those are the same people who hurt people.

Someone once told me to be careful of people who are quick to say it and now I understand why.

Those people are around for the honey moon phase and the good times but when the good times are over they will walk away.

The next person that tells me they love me is going to have to really mean it and prove it to me.

Even though I am hurt, I am at peace because I know that there is someone that truly loves me like no other man could and that is God.

To all my ladies out there. Protect you heart and don’t be quick to let anyone in. Love yourself the way that God loves you and stand your ground.

I write these articles so you can learn from my pain. If I can take a bullet so my sister doesn’t have to I will.

Be patient and trust God’s process.


  1. I’m sorry about that. Myself I don’t like when people say “I love you”, because for me it means a lot and it makes me expect MORE out of them, because well what kind of person would say “I love you” and didn’t mean right?😒🙄😑 That’s just absurd. People who’ve said that to me have either abandoned or misunderstood me. So I’m convinced now that people who say that only say that to save face😒 Which is terrible by especially MY standards because I don’t say “I love you” by saying “I love you” but how I SHOW them I love them. Also that’s why I don’t like hugging people unless they have made me feel good in a genuine way or have done something really good for me with genuine intentions. I do this ‘cause I remember growing up my dad would say that a lot or even give me hugs and NEVER showing by say, helping me pay my college application. One of the hardest man, so I understand. But all I ask is do not give up in love BECAUSE of people, because ironically it’s where we’ll find it in people too🙂

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