Is It True That Money Attracts Women?

Does money attract women?

Absolutely, but sometimes it can be a good thing.

Say you have a woman right. She is in school, working two jobs to survive, chasing her dreams and aspirations.

She meets a guy who is very attractive. She gives him her number and as time goes by she discovers that he has a kid, can’t keep a stable job, lives with his mother and has no car.

A year later, she finds out that she is pregnant and this man can’t offer anything to her or the baby.

Now, she is left to struggle on her own with no support and becomes a statistic.

These are the women who end up in bad situations because, they looked past a mans money and ambition.

Then, on the other end you have a woman who lives with her parents and invest all of her money from a dead end job on her image.

She doesn’t have anything to offer a man but, she expects a man to have everything that she doesn’t. She wears the nicest clothes, searches for men with money in the most lavish clubs and she is looking for a come up.

These are the types of women that most men think of when they think of a woman who is attracted by money.

I believe that there must be a middle ground. You should seek a man that is on your level and you should both have something to offer each other.

I know I may sound messed up for this but, I don’t think that people should date when they’re broke.

Yes, I said it.

If you don’t have anything to contribute to a relationship, you should not be pursuing anyone.

Personally, I rather not be with anyone at this moment because, I am working on myself.

I am honest enough with myself to admit that I don’t have anything to offer anyone because, I am in the process of chasing my dreams and establishing my career.

I would hope that any man who decides to pursue me in the future feels the same way.

So You Think You Got Game

I have heard many guys argue that you don’t need to impress women with money when you got game.

I know many guys who believe this will disagree with me but, this is not true. This may work on a naïve woman but, a strong woman will see right through this.

I’ve had this conversation with many of my friends before. If a man doesn’t have anything to offer, then you should not be entertaining him, period.

I am not only talking about money but, all around. Does he offer peace, can he offer support, does he encourage you to be the best woman that you can be?

If a man can’t call me to say Bae, I was just checking to make sure you requested for that promotion or I am coming to help you write your business plan than you shouldn’t want him.

You, can’t run game on a real woman because a real woman knows what time it is.

Is She Worth The Investment

In Wale’s song Ambitious Girl, he says something that is so powerful.

“I rather you tell me to hit you later because you have to finish a paper, than to be in my face asking for a Rozay cup… I like the person that you are but I’m in love with the person that you have the potential to be.”

This song is true relationship goals for men and women because, as a woman you should want a man that is going to support your dreams and push you to be a better woman.

As a man you want a woman that is headed somewhere. If you are going to invest in a woman, invest in one who is aspiring to be something. Stop investing in women who have nothing to offer.

Level Up: I Want My Man Prepackaged

The same standards that you hold for yourself should be the same standards that you hold for a man.

If you work hard to keep a roof over your head and take care of yourself, your man should too. If you wake up every morning to make a way for yourself your man should to. You should never entertain a man that doesn’t match your ambition or drive.

Now, I’m not saying he has to have more money than you or the same education that you have but, he should have something going for himself.

When you get with a man that can’t match your drive, you end up with a leach. A leach is a man who does nothing but, take from you.

I use to date a man like this. I spent money to see him every weekend, bought him food and spend money to look good for him just to sit up in his mother’s house and have his friends brag about the fact that he was able to catch a woman like me.

A lot of women are flattered by this but, they shouldn’t be. This man was only a distraction. He never even talked or asked me about my dreams and ambition.

He never took me out, or did anything for me. I was the only one coming out of pocket and that is not what you should want out of a relationship.

The rap group City Girls have came up with ways to spot a broke boy and they were actually very on point.

I am not trying to demean men who are struggling but, if you aren’t aspiring to be more than what you are then there is a problem.

The only thing that I disagree with the City Girls With is that there are times when men who may be set back are worth it.

Are Broke Men Worth The Investment?

In rare occasions, yes. When you know that a man is trying and has potential then he is worth the investment.

I meet a lot of men who has potential and drive and those are the type of men who deserve a good women. Then you have men with potential, but no drive or effort behind it and those are the men that you need to leave alone.

As a strong woman, some men become better with that push from a good woman but other men who sit around and have no ambition deserve to be left behind.

A man has to want more for himself. I’ve seen women try to build a man and it is a sad sight to see because that never works.

You can’t change someone that doesn’t want to change.

I dated a guy who didn’t treat me right or had anything going for himself. Later on he came back and ai turned him right back around because he was at the same place he was when I left him.

Since, I left him I went on to finish college, get my own place and start my career. Potential won’t cut it when someone can’t meet you half way.

A man should never be content with not having anything going for himself.

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  1. Wow…what truthful and powerful words being said. And can also spark a motivational appearance in females life nowadays to help them open their eyes to better outcome in their near future.

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