So You’re Single During Cuffing Season. What Now?

If your are single this cuffing season, you are not alone. So am I and I am cool with that.

For months, I’ve vowed to stay single for a while so I can devote my time and energy into myself and I’ve failed miserably.

This summer I got a chance to live up the single life until, I got trapped into another toxic relationship in August only lasting a month.

I’ve remained abstinent for 7 months, so I am pretty sure you can see why that relationship didn’t last. Since then I’ve been alone.

I have been single for 2 months going on three and this is the first time that I can truly say that I am enjoying it. Usually between breaks, I am still talking to someone serious but, for the first time I’m not.

I don’t plan on replacing the last guy with a new one because, this time it is all about me.

It feels good going to sleep at night, not having to worry about anyone but myself. One day I do hope to meet the man that I am meant to be with but, I am real enough with myself to admit that I am not ready.

I always walked into relationships with baggage and attracted men with baggage and it was a recipe for disaster.

Most people would expect me to find a man now that the weather is getting colder but, I’ve realized that no company is better than bad company.

With this time, I plan on living my life to the fullest, evolving, healing and becoming the woman that I am supposed to be.

I am wise enough to know that I am not the woman that I need to be for the right man so, I am taking this time to get my stuff together.

Since, I’ve been single, I’ve been able to focus on handling my business and enjoying my life with out any limits.

To all my singles out there that are alone on these cold winter nights be patient and enjoy it. Don’t stay stuck in the house down and depressed, make things happen and enjoy this time alone.

So, to the man who is wondering why I don’t have a man… my answer to you is,

“Because, I don’t want one.”


    1. Well, it’s a term that people use that promotes relationships in the winter time. People figure relationships are ideal in the winter when it’s cold and you need someone to cuddle with and bring around your family on Holidays.

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