I Want To Be A Bad B*tch Too

Hair done, nails done, everything did.

That’s what it takes to be a bad bitch.

I work hard to play hard and splurge the rest of my check on some hair that is going to cost me the rest of the week.

Lately, there has been a lot of hype about what it takes to be a bad b*tch.

People make YouTube tutorials and Instagram feeds, to teach the young and old how to be a bad b*tch.

A few days ago, I found myself telling my friend that once she got her teeth fixed that she was really going to be a bad b*tch.

Another friend told me that once I got a weave frontal that made it look like Brazilian hair was coming from my scalp that I would definitely be a bad b*tch.

All of this talk about being a bad b*tch has got me wondering, since when did we start aspiring to be this way.

Your hair is not straight enough, your hair is not wavy enough, your ass is not fat enough, your boobs don’t sit high enough, so how do you possibly ever measure up.

We advertise our sexuality for men with sexual intentions. I am a full advocate for women who embrace sexuality, but not when it’s at the cost of your worth.

Many women are masking their insecurities in hair weaves and makeup to become more desired. What we fail to realize is that when we do this we attract men that only want us for our bodies.

Damn your ass is fat he said.

Your body has potential another said.

You are bad they say.

These are the types of men that desire me. Deep down inside there is a queen that is waiting to come alive.

Why be a Bad B*tch when you where created to be much more. Find a man that loves you with no makeup on. Be with someone that is in love with your heart and soul, not only your curves.

It is time to be real. It is okay to wear your weaves and nails, but don’t allow those things to define you. Don’t limit your sexuality to the expectations of men.

Free yourself and embrace your inner queen.

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