7 Things All Women In Their 20s Should Know

Life may suck sometimes

Sometimes life will simply suck. You will wonder how come you aren’t working the job of your dreams or why it seems like everyone else is doing better than you but don’t get discouraged. We all have things that are going wrong in our lives.


Instead of focusing on everything that is going wrong in your life, try to focus on the things that are going right. Whether you are having a good hair day or simply got through the day without having a mental breakdown, that’s a good start.

If you was fortunate enough to wake up today, then that means that God has given you another chance to get a step closer to your dreams.

If you have to ask yourself if he is the one, he is not the one

There are too many women out there that are searching for the one. Some are so desperate to be with someone that they will settle for someone that is not right for them.

Don’t be that woman. Be the woman that won’t even entertain the thought of settling down with a man until you find one that is already “hot n’ ready.” 200wMM0T7KA1

To many of us are trying to change a man or accept a guy with potential. Potential is not going to cut it. You need a man that knows what he wants, knows who he is and that is ready. He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he should at least be worth it.


Your friends will drop like flies

Yes, I said it. You are going to lose a lot of friends and that is okay. When you are evolving some people may get left behind and that is a part of life. If you are hanging with people that aren’t evolving and progressing in life, then you are only setting yourself back. 200wXEZU1A32

You become a product of the energy that you keep around and if all of the people close to you aren’t doing anything productive then what motivation do you have to do anything more that what you’re doing now. You may be fortunate enough to have a few people that’s going down the right path and living productive lives, but for those few or many that aren’t, let them go.

You may work a few jobs you hate

I remember being a young girl dreading the fact that I wasn’t an adult. I found myself constantly counting the days I had left of being a teenager and I thought that life would be better if I was grown.

Looking back at my childhood now, I realized how easy it was to be a child. I didn’t have the responsibilities that I have now and I got the chance to complain about things that I didn’t have that I didn’t need. Now I am stuck here living check to check trying to survive.

I clock in and clock out of jobs that I hate and wake up every day asking myself when will my dreams finally come true. Whether you work a few dead end jobs during or after college, that’s just the way it goes sometimes. giphy

Some of the most successful  people started from the bottom. Even though it may feel like it will never end, you have to be patient. As long as you remain consistent and dedicate to your end goal, anything is possible. Whatever your heart desires, you have to want it so bad that you are willing to sacrifice, partying, sleep and luxuries that we all crave.

You may experience depression or anxiety

When you are entering adulthood, the transition is far from smooth. You may struggle to pay your bills sometimes, miss a few meals, have a few roommates or get your heart broken now and then. Sometimes this stress can lead to depression or anxiety.giphym

During college I struggled with server anxiety and it turned into depression when I graduate. When I was in college, I constantly stressed over things that didn’t happen yet, or in some cases never did and after college, I suffered with the reality that I faced at the moment. They are both equally as bad, but if you can relate don’t be ashamed because you are not alone.

We are human so don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you are feeling because it is natural. Once you acknowledge that something is wrong, you can take the necessary measures to take care of yourself. Self care is not only how you take care of yourself on the outside, but also how you take care yourself within. Whether you speak to someone professionally, seek spiritual guidance or just work on the issue within you can and will get through it so don’t give up.

You will fail, over and over again

I can’t even count how many times I’ve failed at adulthood, but its a part of the process. Some of the most successful people in the world have failed over and over until they succeeded. Your time will come you just have to be patient. I know this is only easier said than done because we all want to win right now.200w

Trust me, one day you will look back and be thankful for the roadblocks because they are only preparing you for the future. With pain comes endurance and with this you will get through the challenges that higher levels will bring.

Think about it, how can you strive to be a manager when you don’t know what it’s like to be an employee. By being an employee, you can build the wisdom and knowledge you need to know to be a successful manager. You can learn the ins and outs of the business and learn from your management to see what works and what doesn’t work. With higher levels comes more responsibility.

You will get through it

Everything is going to be alright so you can smile now. Don’t give up, don’t cave in, the world is in your hands. Right now you have the opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your life.

You can either prepare to settle or you can prepare to succeed. The work that you put into whatever your dreams are will set the blueprint for your future. So clear your mind, develop your mental, spiritual and emotional and level up.






  1. As a woman in her late 20’s i can profess that all these tips reign true! The key to making it through is a positive attitude. My mom always said, “Its gets greater later”

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