5 Things That People Hate About You That No One Will Tell You

How often do we keep it real with the people we care about?

Not as often as we should. People now a days are only real when they are in an argument or do not like you. I know you’ve seen this play out before. When you were on good terms with someone you couldn’t do any wrong. Then the moment you and that person stop seeing eye to eye, you find out how they really feel about you.

Well you can thank me later because I’ve came up with five things that most people hate about you that you can actually change.

People hate it:

1. When you talk about yourself all the time:

No one cares how amazing you are unless your Beyoncé or the Kardashians. The best time to talk about yourself is when someone ask you a question. When you start a conversation with someone, make it a habit to show interest in their life and how they are doing. If they are not self absorbed then they will do the same thing in return.


2. When you talk about your insecurities:

If someone gives you a compliment, it is okay to just simply say thank you. Nothing turns someone off more than an insecure person. Yesterday a little boy told me he liked my hair. Personally I was having a bad hair day and hated it but, I just said thank you. I am pretty sure guys could relate to this because I have heard many cases when men complain about how some women can’t take a compliment. When someone compliment you, show gratitude and move along.


3. When you interrupt someone while they’re talking:

I am guilty of this time and I know that whoever I did this to secretly hate me. No, I’m just kidding about the hating me part but, you know what I mean. Learning not to cut someone off comes with good listening skills. One trick that I use to make sure that I don’t cut someone off is by passing for a few second after the person speaks before I respond. Cutting someone off is simply rude and annoying.


4. Yes Men:

When you meet someone, if you aren’t anything like Kanye West, you want to make a good impression on them. People usually make a better impression with someone if they can relate but don’t get this mixed up with flattery. It is almost impossible to agree with everything someone is saying. People respect you more when you have a mind of your own. If you agree with everything that someone says or do you can be perceived as a follower or two faced. It is okay to be adaptable but, don’t lose who you are in the mist of impressing someone. People will respect you for being true to yourself.


5. Beating Around the Bush:

People hate it when you can’t communicate clearly with them. Speak your mind and let people know exactly where you stand. People do this a lot in relationships. When someone ask their partner or in most cases their potential partner how they feel. I use to do this when I didn’t want to answer a question but, I learned that their are no wrong answers in life. How you feel is how you feel and if someone don’t like it then they can get over it. People make not like your answer but, they will respect you if you are straight up with them.


Now that I have given you a list of five things that people hate about you that they won’t tell you


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