Should Women Stop Playing Hard To Get?

My entire life I’ve played hard to get and my entire life it has got me absouletly no where.

If you are waiting for a man to figure out that you exist, you are wasting your time. This game that many of us has been taught to play since we were young is foolish.

Think about it, do you approach men who play hard to get.

Absolutely not.

Some men also believe that if they act cold, they will attract more women. The only person that this game works on are girls. Any real woman in her right mind won’t settle for a man that doesn’t know how to communicate how he feels. No one has time to play those games.

You can make a man prove he is worthy of your time without playing hard to get.

It is called having standards.

When a man approaches you, it is up to you to set the standard for how you expect him to treat you. In any game there is a winner and a loser, so why take your chances of taking a lose. Be upfront about how you feel and show a man or woman why you are a good catch with your values, standards and ambitions.

Playing hard to get is a game you play when you want to play on a man’s curiosity. The trick with playing this game is that if you actually manage to get his attention by playing this game it is only temporary. Once he wins you over and he think that he has you figured out, it isn’t hard for him to lose interest. He will target the next challenge and the game goes on with or without you. If you are looking for a serious companion you should avoid playing games period. Win a man over with your character and originality.

The most attractive woman is a woman who knows what she wants and one that is not ashamed to speak what’s on her my mind.

People are so scared to communicate and be vulnerable. When you are open and honest about who you are and how you feel people will respect you for being authentic. Playing hard to get doesn’t mean your different if your not the only woman playing it.

I’ve played this game numerous times in my lifetime and it hasn’t got me anywhere yet so I decided to take a different approach. You don’t have to be easy or loose but, you don’t have to be uptight either. Just be real.

If you are playing hard to get then give it up already.

Don’t aim to be hard to get, aim to be hard to forget.



  1. Great post … I really liked it. So when I was dating I eventually came across Matthew Hussey who has the most fantastic audio books, seminars, books … just about everything on dating. I listened to the audio books and it just made sense! It’s brilliant … he’s brilliant. He makes you understand how men and women think differently and so the messages that we think we’re sending are actually quite often misinterpreted for one. Oh do have a google of him if you have a moment. He completely changed my life and the way that I looked at relationships. Good luck and keep writing … I really enjoyed your post and looking at things in a different way. Katie x

  2. True story! Especially the part about communication. Pickings can be so slim that we feel we need to stroke egos and silence our desires to get and keep a man. Living that way is a very slow death.

    Great post!

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