Are Women More Jealous Than Men in Relationships?

When a woman first meets a man that makes her feel like she is the only one, she believes him until he gives her a reason not to.

We live in a society where women are perceived as more emotional, crazy, insecure and distrusting, but no one ever talks about the insecurities and emotions of men.

Lately many women are redefining their womanhood and working to change how they are perceived. Woman are no longer being subjected to servitude and they are embracing their sexuality more freely. Even though these efforts are changing the perception and dynamic of the new woman, there are still stereotypes that we still can’t seem to shake off.

This one in particular gets underneath my skin because it is far from the truth. I’ve dated guys that tried to clock my every move and the one time that I question them I am jealous one.

When a woman is independent and carefree she is perceived as cold and loose, but if she shows that she cares people are quick to accuse her of being insecure. If the shoe was on the other foot I can guarantee you things would be different.

Men disguise jealousy with control. They will monitor your actions and keep tabs of your every move to make sure that the next man doesn’t get too close to you. Women are more verbal about how we feel so everyone is quick to judge.

So if you are still trying to figure out my where I stand in this argument let me make it clear for you.

Men are more jealous than woman are.

1.Women are jealous when a man gives her a reason to be.

As much as men like to make it seem like women are the ones with trust issues, they are the real ones with trust issues. A woman will go out of her way to make sure her man feels secure whenever other men around, but a man will accuse his woman of being jealous if she catches him giving another woman the time a day. If a woman was to even look at another man for too long or even hold a conversation with another man for too long her she would be slut shamed or made out to be a terrible woman.

If women were as more open and honest about their sexual nature as men were men could not take it. If a man stood by his woman in line at a super market and he struggled to carry her bags. How do you think he would feel if a much stronger and attractive man walked by and offered to carry them for her?

If you ask me men have more to be jealous of.

Many men make it seem that women are all dying to get a spot with them, because the shortage in men, but it doesn’t exactly work that way.

The fact that men have more options can be a disadvantage to them because they often require less from women than women require from them.

When a man sees a pretty woman, that catches his attention, but it take more than a handsome face to catch a woman’s attention. So just know that if a man catches our attention, he is probably a better catch. Men look for looks while women look for the full package.

Being that the standards are higher this gives a man more to be insecure about. He has to worry about not only losing his woman to a man who is more attractive, but to a man with a higher income, better car, career and overall lifestyle. A man can look at a woman with a beautiful face and not consider what she has to offer until later on down the line.

I am not generalizing all men, but this is a trend that is common amongst most that I’ve observed.

2.Men couldn’t take half of the things women go through.

If a man cheat on his woman with a dozen woman she could find the courage to look past that and either choose to stay or move on with her life after healing. If a woman cheat on her man with one man it changes him for a lifetime.

We see this all the time in movies. Women are expected to accept and forgive her man after cheating on her multiple times while she’s expected to be the “good girl,” who deserved his love and they live happily ever after. But, sometimes there is a twist, when she is so feed up that she sleeps with one man and it ruins his whole world.

Many men like to use the excuse that men are just sexual beings that lack self control and don’t know what there doing while women do it with intent. This philosophy is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous how people can go along with it. This is just a cop out to justify their actions and it won’t fly with me.

With feminism on the rise its nice to see women taking control of their own identities and changing the game. Most men are just use to having the upper hand.

3. Women give men the benefit of the doubt more

A woman will forgive her man day one and rationalized his behavior even when he show signs that he has interest in other woman. Most men won’t even allow his woman to get too close to another man. This does not apply to all men and women, but in “traditional” relationships this could be the case at times.

A women will even find the strength to trust a man after he cheats, but with a man, he will lose all respect for a woman if she messes up one time.

Most men like to hid their insecurities through control. They will tell a woman what she shouldn’t wear in public that may attract another man. If a man flirts with another woman and his significant other say anything to him she is “jealous.”

Even though images in society may try to imply that women are more jealous in relationship this is a stereotype must be put to an end.



  1. I agree with all you said.
    I do think women itself are the largest struggle for a woman.
    I have often seen the difference between men and women in bar.
    Men are there to just drink a beer with their friends. Women always seem to be eager to make eye contact with a man.
    If I see a woman flirting with my boyfriend, I become instantly jealous.
    And I’m sure it would be the other way around. But I don’t think men flirt as often (or as good) as women.

  2. I love this! I totally agree. Women are perceived as cold if they are independent. A lot of what people think about jealousy are perspectives that were ingrained in them and simply not true!

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