How To Take A Loss Like A Boss

Okay within the past few months I have been taking a lot of losses. I decided to book a plane to Atlanta and ended up coming back to New York. I’ve been off and on in unhealthy relationships. I lost friends and relationships with people I thought would be there forever. Let’s just cut to the chase and say I’ve been through it.

Despite the many L’s that I’ve taken I learned a lot despite of it. I’ve became more confident in my decisions and I have learned how to live for myself. In life you will face many obstacles but, don’t let that discourage you. Failure just gets you a step closer to where you need to be headed. When a door closes, it closes for a reason.

When I was in Atlanta I was beating myself up about an internship in NYC I passed up but Atlanta taught me that maybe God has another path for me. Instead of waiting for someone to open a door for me, why not build my own door. I was inspired to see so many people with their own businesses and boss like mentalities in Atlanta.

In New York I always felt like I needed a big corporate job but Atlanta showed me that I have the power to build my own platform. To be a boss you understand that you have to work your way up, but never forget to move up. A boss is never comfortable in one spot and does not let the chance to grown pass them.

Most success stories wasn’t told in black in white. When life gets tough there will be many grey areas and that is okay. The beautiful thing about life is that opportunity is endless. If you fall, you can get back up and re route your journey.

As a boss you must understand that even though it is important to have a plan, know that if your plan fails, you can still reach the same destination if you go a different direction. There is no set path to success, so take your time and know that your time will come.

Since I’ve left college I’ve been through obstacles that I would have never imagined. High School prepared me for college, but college never prepared me for life. Life is its own teacher and I am learning how to get through it through my experiences.

Remember, when you take a loss, you are just another lose away from your win.



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