Saturday Inspiration: Beating Anxiety

Last night I reached my breaking point.

I am three weeks from graduating and it seems like everything is going wrong. Most students are nervous about graduating but, I am dreading each an every day here.

I’ve always noticed that anxiety always comes back when my stress levels are high and they have been higher than normal lately. I am doing research papers, preparing for finals, trying to rub two nickels together to get through the week and worst of all I feel alone.

I am away from people who I know care about me and it gets hard sometimes. The thing that stresses me out the most is not knowing who to trust.

When I woke up this morning I came across this YouTube video that lifted my spirit. This young lady’s story inspired me to keep going.

If you are going through depression or anxiety I think you should watch this video because it really helped me.

When it seems as if everything is wrong, sometimes you have to remind yourself who you are. It is none of your business what people think of you but, what truly matters is what you think about yourself.




  1. I looked at the crazy that happened leading up to my finally graduating from college (took me 7 years – depression and my using alcohol to numb my way through it were big factors) as life’s final exam for that period in my life. I had to “prove” to the Universe how badly I wanted that degree and what I was willing to sacrifice to get it. When I crossed that stage, no one could tell me anything negative – I had taken every blow life had thrown at me, and survived. I’ve been pretty hard headed about things ever since, lol. I may still feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, but I just look at that degree, or my class ring from high school (another horrible time in my life, lol) and am reminded that I can overcome and achieve my goals.

    I hope you too can recognize how far you’ve come, how much you’ve overcome, to get to this point, and feel a sense of pride and self-acceptance / love – you are making it sunshine! And you are definitely, not alone :-).

    Hang in there – sending you some cyber hugs and looking forward to reading your post about how graduation turned out ;-).


    1. No problem. I really appreciate your support. It’s hard sometimes because some people don’t realize how difficult it is to get through college. Most of us pay rent, work jobs, intern and go to school. Then when you add your personal life in the mix it just makes things even more complicated. I am glad you got through it and I am just hanging in their. Even though I walk for graduation. I don’t officially get my degree until December and I decided to do that online since they are all elective courses. I’m hoping a new environment will help me move forward in a more positive place.

  2. I offer you big hugs right now and I know exactly what you’re going though. College or University is always sold as ‘the best time of your life’ but for alot of us, it’s really tough especially if we’re away from people we love. You should be so proud of yourself for everything you’ve achieved!
    Just take every day as it comes and remember to be kind to yourself and take some time if you need it. If you need a day or an afternoon or even just an hour off to do something for you then take it – it really helps. Sometimes I just can’t function and when I try to work and get things done, I’m so anxious it makes it worse. I’m so glad this video helped you (I will watch it too!) and that everyone is being more open about the fact that anxiety and depression sucks and that if you suffer, you are not alone!
    Keep going, you can do it.
    Charlotte x

    1. Thank you! School has never been my thing I’m just good at pushing myself. I’m taking a rest now because I’ve been studying and working all morning. Maybe I need to take time to relax my mind.

      1. Always try and take time to relax, you can’t study all the time. I’m terrible at taking too much time off studying but there definitely has to be balance!

  3. Hi Rayven, thanks for sharing this video, I just finished watching it, and found it really interesting and inspiring. I’m sorry that you’re going through a tough time, but I’m glad you came across something that helped you – isn’t it a wonderful thing that sometimes you’ll just stumble across a video or song or written passage that just speaks to you in a way that you really needed at that moment? I love it when that happens.

    I totally get it when you said how your anxiety is worsened by stress, I definitely experience that as well. I think it’s great that you recognize that, so you have a better understanding of what’s going on with you. Sometimes I think that’s half the battle. I work at a university, and there’s no question thst this is a super stressful time of year for all students (and many professors too!)

    Sending positive vibes your way!

    1. Thank you! I have two more weeks left so I am becoming more optimistic day by day. My cousin is coming to see me a in a week so having that support will mean a lot right now. For now I am managing my stress levels tuning out negativity. It won’t be easy but, I just needed that time to stop and deal with it. Sometimes I feel like I am on autopilot and that doesn’t help. I just needed a day to breathe.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I’m not in the same situation as you. I am a single mom of four kids and in the last year and a half (since my split) my anxiety got really bad. I know how you’re feeling and just want to say you aren’t alone. Hang in there. Take each day one day at a time. It’s going to get better.
    Thank you for the link xx

  5. Visualise yourself on that stage. You can make it through the next three weeks, and then you’ll be able to get through anything life can throw at you.

    This pain now is transient, but the rest of your life is about to begin, and be amazing!

    Good luck – you got this! 🙂

  6. Bravo for this post!!!!
    Ironically, I just revised & posted a poem about anxiety & panic. I’ve found it somewhat therapeutic when people read poetry or an essay like this & can relate to the words & experiences.

  7. Depression and anxiety are such real and difficult things to suffer from. It’s so so important to have a proper support system and have people to talk to (or even hold your hand when you can’t express yourself). Head up though, you’ve got this! I’m rooting for you, lovely ⚡

  8. Although it’s been many years since graduating from college, I can relate to your feelings. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, but I’m so happy that you’re using this experience to find hope and encourage other. I look forward to watching the video. Hope, healing, happiness xx

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