4 Signs That Things Will Never Be The Same

There are times in life when we meet people that come along to make life better. Then there are times when people come along in our lives to make things worse. Yes, I have fallen a victim to the game, but I have been hurt enough to know how to make sure it never happens again. We need to stop fighting for relationships that have failed over and over again just to be stuck back where we started. I use to think that when you are with someone you are supposed to fight to keep them, but with maturity I have learned that you have to know what is worth fighting for. Some things are not just worth the fight so if you have been off and on with your sweetheart, I will let you know the signs you need to look out for so you can run as far as you can while you got the chance.


Okay, now I know that we all have busy lives, but if there is no communication then you are not a priority. I have heard almost every excuse in the book in past relationships: I am going through a lot, I don’t want to be hurt again, and I worked overtime. Sometimes these things are true, but if these excuses are used often then you are clearly not a priority for them. When you first met them it was all about you, but after getting comfortable their attention has wandered elsewhere. I am not saying be clingy, that is a turn off. If a week has gone by and your partner has been MIA then you need to reevaluate why you are wasting your time.


Now most people have at least one crazy ex unless you’re just that good at picking them. If your partner is still in contact with their ex then this is a red flag. There are rare cases when their ex may be cool with the both of you or may genuinely respect your relationship, but if this is not the case then you may want to back away before things get messy. Never believe someone when they tell you that they can’t help it. If their ex still has access to communicate with them then the person clearly is not against it. I know because if I have an ex that continues to contact me in a while I’m in a new relationship I don’t hesitate to block them on any and everything I can block them from.


When I say outsiders, I mean anyone who isn’t you and that person. Even though you love your mother and grandma, they should never be able to have enough information to tell you how to handle your relationship. The same goes for your friends, if your friends are around your age nine out of ten they’re probably having the same issues as you are. We often judge others’ lives with bias so be careful who you spill the tea too. So if your partner has been acting strange for no reason make sure his/her mother or best friend isn’t the mastermind behind the confusion.


This is one of the biggest cries of help in a relationship. If your partner is looking for any reason to create conflict between you there is a chance that he/she is looking for a reason to leave. When things get to this point your best bet is to let them be free. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out where you went wrong because you probably did nothing. Some people are facing internal battles that are beyond your control and even though you want to be there for them through it, some battles we have to fight on our own.



  1. I had to laugh at this because it is ALL so accurate. Even though it’s sad…when it applies, you either cry or you laugh about it. 😂 (that priority one can be so damaging.) Great post!

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