The Day Trump Exposed America

The moment I found out that Trump won a part of me felt like it died inside. It took a day for me to realize that I was not dreaming. I knew this was going to happen, but I was hoping America proved me wrong. I sat in my dark room speechless feeling as if I was mourning the loss of a loved one. At this point the election hit me hard. I never realized how deep it was until Trump won.

I would make jokes about how we would be doomed either way, but at that moment I knew that I was wrong. I voted because it was my first time and I was excited to be a part of history, but I was never passionate or fully invested into politics like that.

On social media I saw a flood of mixed emotions and all I could think is how we came to this point. I must say I do not hate Trump or Hillary, but I am disgusted by the ignorance of many American people. When did we go back so far to the point where people can openly spread hate toward one another? What gives someone the courage to say in God we trust and hurt their neighbor?

This election made me wake up and realize that we can’t wait for a politician to save us. When Obama became president many minorities felt like he was our savior but he wasn’t. Obama was a representation of what we are capable of and living proof anything is possible.

Those who are angry about Trump do not be discouraged. We have come a long way from where we were many years ago and we will continue to prosper. At first I thought Trumps win could be the worst thing for America but it woke us up.

Throughout the election I’ve seen a lot of people post racist things and was angered by it, but after putting it into perspective I am glad that this was exposed. Two years ago I heard a man say the problem with race is that we keep talking about it. He then said if minorities would just see themselves as American that it would bring us together. Trump’s win proved his statement wrong. For those who believed that racism is no longer exist and that minorities are just angry, I am glad that they got a chance to see America exposed.

Don’t get me wrong I love this country, but our citizens must do better. How can minorities only see themselves as American when you have people openly telling them that they aren’t wanted?

Donald Trump puts a mirror to our faces and forced us to deal with the pain and hurt from our ancestors that are still deeply rooted in the fabric of our country.

Hopefully we can use this opportunity to face our ugly reality that America has never been great.



  1. When I awoke on Nov. 9th, I dragged myself out of bed like I had a bad hangover. And I rarely even drink alcohol, certainly not a drop on the 8th . Thank you expressing your experience and wisdom here. I especially appreciate your last line “Hopefully we can use this opportunity to face our ugly reality that America has never been great.” Well put, Rayven….

  2. Wow this was a great read and very informative. As a writer myself I couldn’t have written this better. We are so confused as a people and unfortunately America can only be better when we the citizens of this country do better. The negativity of America has trickled down to the souls of our Community. Too many of the human race jump on a band wagon they have absolutely no knowledge of. We have to do our own research and stop allowing the research of other’s solidify our opinions. Great job young lady!

  3. It’s so sad that people shout hatred simply because it has become the thing to do. You’re absolutely correct, a mirror has been put in our own faces and if we don’t like what we see, then WE need to change. I’m so tired of the hatred simply because of my birth. I could not determine who I came into this world as, but I can DAMN sure change what I do while I’m here, so I can leave it a little better than it was when I got here.

  4. I felt that the part were you said trump forced Americans to realise that racisium was still alive is simular to how I see what happened here ? , I am English and , We had I own form of trump in brexit ? yes I did vote in favour not out of racisium but because our country was in risk of being lost . As an American what was their take on it their view on it ? I saw trumps win as one of surprise , why I thought he was to arrogant to win , fear of where he’s going to take this world again because of his arrogance running a business dose not mean you can run a country and the worse thing of all is after the Westminster bridge incident. I agreed with his thoughts on terrorism. Box them in keep them out , never thought that would happen ? Clinton I think also would have been a complete disaster . From what I could make out through the news she seemed untrustworthy.
    These are only my take on things I have read and seen in the media ! , I certainly don’t know or understand politics either side of the ocean ?

    1. I appreciate your insight. I understand where you are coming from but, from a minority perspective, it is hurtful to see someone with that much power openly say things that are offensive toward people that look like me and people that I see everyday.

      1. Like I said I was surprised he won , when you hear some of his comments on his campaign drive , you know did people have their fingers in their ears he was rude , but then I heard that it was something like less than 50 % voting at the polls is that correct ? Maybe that’s why he won people could not be bothered so whose to blame. ???

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