Something Bigger Than Yourself


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”                                -Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi could not have said it any better. There are so many times when we focus on ourselves to find ourselves. Your true character is built when you impact the lives of others. I use to always think that I could find myself and perfect it then I could take on the world. After numerous attempts, I am living proof that this will never work.

For the past few days, I have felt very empty. As a college student, I have not been involved in anything, leading me to feel like I was living without a purpose. I watch other people who are passionate about groups and causes that they are a part of and I ask myself what’s stopping me.

There is something powerful about someone that can be a part of something bigger than themselves. I’ve made excuses so many times as to why I can’t do something and end up regretting my decisions over and over.

When I watched this video about the 15 year old kid who took on the government for a cause that he was passionate for I was inspired. Most adults don’t even have the courage to take on a cause the way this young man did.

I would like to challenge you and myself to take on something that matters to you. Whether you are the leader or just a part of a group that works toward a cause that you are passionate about. Sometimes we become so comfortable that we miss out on opportunities that has the power to impact the world.

Check out the video on Vice.



  1. I totally agree! When we come outside of ourselves, we find that our purpose and our self is found through service to others. I’ve been wanting to connect with a program to stop sex trafficking in my city, but I haven’t:(

    What are things you’re passionate about?

      1. There’s one I’ve been looking at. I’m a flight attendant, so always gone. I don’t want to commit and then not be able to come through because of work, but I’ll figure it out, because it has been on my heart for some time

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