Have you ever sat in a room full of people and felt alone? I remain silent, as I watch people pass me by but I remain invisible. For many years I have struggled to understand why I was invisible. How could it be possible to be physically present and mentally absent at the same time? I remain silent watching my surroundings from the inside out.

Today I am here to tell you not to overlook the strength in invisibility. By mentally separating myself from the outside world, I’ve learned how to love myself. The people that use to be there to validate me were no longer there, forcing me to learn to love myself. I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin. It was like I met myself for the first time and I liked her. I learned to accept her for her flaws, cried with her, and had her back. Stepping out on my own was one of the best things that I could have done. It was as if God wanted me to rely on him working in me and not the world.

I embrace my invisibility and when the time is right I will be ready to be seen. When I am seen I want to be seen for who I truly am and not pieces of a puzzle that others matched together to make me what they want me to be. Invisibility shouldn’t be a lifestyle, but it is okay to take the time to mold yourself into the best version of you. If you feel alone in the mist of this phase, I encourage you to remember that God is with you and he won’t forsake you. Being alone forced me to give my problems to God and not the world.

Invisibility taught me how to be confident. I no longer depend on people to validate me and I know my worth. Embrace your invisibility and know that the power is not in the world but God in you.




  1. “I embrace my invisibility and when the time is right I will be ready to be seen”. I really enjoyed your post

  2. I love this post. I’m at that point in my life where I’m giving my problems to God. I know he will fix them.

  3. Great post. I have trouble stepping back mentally and physically into the world. I am happiest, carefree and fun alone but crave others to enjoy this happiness with me? But I have not been understood in outside world. I spend my time balancing between happiness alone and finding my place in the world. Some questions:
    After learning to love yourself and building confidence, how did you mentally step back into the world? Also, if the world didn’t had trouble accepting you upon your return what do/did you do? Mentally step back again? Does having trouble coming back to the world mean there is more work to do?

    1. When I stepped back into the world I changed my perspective. I don’t focus on the people around me or desire there company to feel secure. I am still learning to let my wall down but I don’t feel that loneliness anymore. Sometimes things get rough, usually during big social events but I am currently exploring that chapter and I will update you on that process once I get through it.

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