What Would You Do For Money?

The economy isn’t in the best shape and it seems almost impossible to make ends meet. So what are you willing to do for money?

Over the past few years I have heard many Americans complain that the immigrants are taking all the jobs from Americans. At first, I thought that this statement was just an excuse to blame someone for our misfortune but then I decided to dig a little deeper.

Today I watched the documentary “The Worst Job In New York: Immigrant America” and I would recommend everyone to watch it. This film opened my eyes to the topic of immigration in America. As an African American I can relate to the fact that Hispanics were discriminated against because of their ethnicity. In the film, it talks about the constant battles that some Hispanics face in upstate New York because of their ethnicity. Illegal and legal immigrants are constantly stopped and taken into custody so the officials can gain numbers in the people they deport so it looks good according to Martin Herron who worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Some are sent back to their home countries away from their families and friends. Some parts of upstate New York is so bad that many Hispanics fear being seen in the day time because they  run the risk of being taken into custody.

The major issue is the fact that many Hispanics work the jobs that most Americans won’t. A survey was done where random non-Hispanics were asked if they would work at a dairy farm and all of them said no. This goes back to my question what will you do for money? The same Hispanics that Americans try to get rid of make up the industries that contribute to American society. After watching this film I have gained a greater respect for Hispanic culture.

This brings me back to remembering the worst job that I ever had. This summer for my break I decided to work at Taco Bell. When I worked at Taco Bell I was one out of two African American employees and the crew consisted of mostly Hispanic employees. Most of them couldn’t speak English but all I though to myself was why are they here? We were completely under staff and did the work of multiple people and I hated that job with a passion. I mopped floors, washed windows, cleaned the dinning area, worked the register, drive thru, prep food and took out the garbage but I knew that I wanted more for myself. I only worked there to save up for school but I counted each day down as time passed.

After watching this film I realized how amazing my past co-workers are. Despite the fact that they deal with this workload everyday, they are doing what we don’t want to do. I respect their work ethic and determination. One of my co-workers worked hard doing above and beyond any manager or employee there everyday. I never understood why he worked so hard for something that I saw as so terrible. One day he came in with a managers suit on I was so proud of him.

Although some Hispanics weren’t born in America, the impact that they make on America makes them American in my eyes. If I don’t do the job and you wont, who will? They are a major part in the success of American. They are responsible for the many simple things that we take for granted. So before you complain about immigration, think about the consequences that we would have to pay without them.



  1. We have a very similar “problem” A few years ago I think, here in the UK we were blaming the Polish and now its just a generic Eastern European.

    I have a phrase for people who complain about immigrants taking jobs of the British and it goes “if someone who barely speaks English, has no money or any contacts get the job maybe you are just shit” (I stole the phrase)

    1. I agree. I think many Americans should be more compassionate because many years ago all of us were immigrants. We fail to realize that the Native Americans were here before us. So who are we to decide who is American enough.

      1. I just find the whole thing sad, the majority of people just want to earn a living and support their family. There is a photo floating around on facebook at the moment, schrodinger’s immigrant. an immigrant who lazes about on benefits while stealing your job.

  2. Most work very hard and do very good work. You are right, they do jobs that most people here don’t want to do and they do good work. I am conflicted on the subject. On one hand I appreciate the work they do and on the other, they are here illegally. They do not pay taxes unless they steal social security numbers. I disagree with the opinion that they commit more crimes or bring more crime into the country than any other Ethnicity. I think we, as Americans, need to stop pointing fingers at one another and work together to find a solution to the crime problem. I think it will take getting to the root of existing problems such as poverty, drug addiction, mental health issues… We work hard at it but the programs are overloaded and underfunded. What else is new, huh? Every country has the same issues, don’t they?

    1. Thank you for your feedback and I agree. We need to really look at this issue as a whole and solve this issue. 1. We need to educate ourselves on how we view immigration because our ancestors were immigrants at one point despite that fact that some pretend that it was discovered. 2. We need to educate ourselves on the facts of how immigrants has influenced us. 3. Then we need to come up with a solution.

  3. This makes a lot of sense. I live in Singapore and the bulk of foreign workers do jobs that the locals would never want to. Yet, they are seen as a lower race of people and often discriminated against. It would be nice if more people learnt to appreciate the people in this society who contribute greatly behind the scenes – the unsung heroes.

  4. Well said and thought out blog. Most children or adults that were born here (USA) feel to self entitled. So they past on jobs like fast food, construction and maintenance type of jobs , as it’s seen beneath them. So immigrants
    do those jobs proudly and well.

      1. Totally get that, but one thing I have learned. My landlord or bills don’t care where the money comes from as long as they are paid. Lol. Just keep in mind. The job you take is just a moment in time as you look for the next step in your goals.

  5. Good post and thanks for liking mine on salvation work, for it is that, even less so than the dirty jobs mentioned above that people, especially the self-proclaimed privileged ones, don’t want to do.

  6. The brits did the same in the ealy late 50-60’s with the Jamaicans and the West Indians , to fill the positions we whites deemed beneath us , my school friends parents came over late 50’s he was from the West Indies that was 47yrs ago and it’s still the same now , we still don’t like doing the dirty jobs pass them on , there are a few of us who will do any job to earn enough to pay the mortgage , as I’m sure there is in America

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