Set Yourself Free and Choose Forgiveness

When I tell you that I was happy yesterday, trust me I was happy.

I wasn’t happy because of any circumstance, but I chose to be happy. This brings me to what I would like to discuss today; I would like to discuss forgiveness.

At times when we are hurt we dwell on things that have happened to us in our past and we replay these images in our mind. For the past 5 years I have been struggling with anxiety and yesterday I decided to let go.

The reason why I couldn’t let go of anxiety for so long was because I was holding to my past to the point where I was beginning to lose hope of my future. I constantly replayed clips in my mind of those who have hurt me and these thoughts were draining out all of my power.

Today I am here to tell you that whatever it is that is bringing you down, let it go. Last night I prayed and forgave those who have hurt me until I felt inner peace. For years I wanted them to see my pain and hoped that they would feel bad for what they have done to me, but they were busy continuing their lives.

When we give people that power over us we are telling ourselves that we are not worthy of joy. No one can steal your joy from you once you find it in your heart. I have committed myself to thank God every day for what he has done for me.

Yesterday I choose to let go; I didn’t let go for those who have hurt me but for myself. I decided to let go of the pain, anxiety, fear and be strong. I am not strong because of what I have been though; I am strong because I decided not to let the pain hold me back.

I know every day isn’t going to be daisies and sunshine but I am determined to lift my spirit despite what I face. Yesterday I said no to negativity; Every time I think a negative thought I re-evaluate myself and ask God to give me a clean heart. Today I decide to choose to forgive and let your soul free.



  1. Rayven,

    I think that your post was very well said and I think that it’s amazing that you can forgive so many people. I know through dealing with anxiety that there are those who support me and are there for me and those who are extremely not helpful and instead make me feel guilty for suffering from anxiety. I wish you all the best in your fight against anxiety and your mission to forgive.

    1. Thank you very much. It is funny that I read this at this time because I was just dwelling on something someone did to me yesterday. Your message was a reminder that I have to let it go. It is not easy but with will power we can move forward.

  2. Forgiving is tough, but it’s well worth it in the end! On my Candle & Quill Blog, I wrote an article called “Pulling the Rope or Not”, about Corrie Ten Boom and the moment she was faced with forgiving one of the German guards who had been the cause of so much grief and loss in her own life. She’s an example of the grace of God to forgive, no matter what…

  3. “I am not strong because of what I have been though; I am strong because I decided not to let the pain hold me back.” This is such a beautiful quote. I really love it, and I think it’s really true.

  4. This was truly something I needed to read. I have been struggling on forgiving my ex that has hurt me a long time ago. Even though I presented the issue, he hasn’t responded or said sorry. I know that the Lord really wants me to forgive as He forgave me and everyone else. Still, that pain does haunt me from time to time.

    1. I’ve been there before. It may be best for you that they don’t respond because you need time to heal. Contact with your ex could interfere with your healing process. The best thing to do is leave that relationship behind you. When the right person comes along you will understand why God let your ex walk away.

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